Friday, June 29, 2012

Audiobook Week: Listen Up!

Where do you learn about great audiobook titles? Find reviews? Buy your audiobooks? Share your secrets with the rest of us!

No secrets here!  I read book reviews and think, hmmm … wonder if that’s available in audio?  If it is and it’s a narrator that I like, it definitely goes on the listening list, rather than the reading one.  GillianFlynn’s Gone Girl is an example of this:  I heard about the book, then noticed it was in audio, and was doubly intrigued to see the narrators: Julia Whelan and Kirby Heyborne (I can hear him as the callow young husband right now!).  Of course, there are 75 (and rising) holds on this at my library and it hasn’t even arrived yet, so it will be awhile … but I’ve learned patience.  My turn will come.

I use the Jukebox as a way of seeing what other bloggers might think of something I’m considering listening to.  And I read the library review journals for ideas as well.  I take a look at the Jukebox’s Solid Gold offerings and select stuff from there based on author, story, and/or narrator.  On very rare occasions, something just pops out at me from the shelf.

I don’t buy books in any format, which is one of the reasons I’m patient. All good things come to those who can wait.  And it’s not like I don’t have another audiobook waiting at home.

I’ve been bloggily absent from much of Audiobook Week (preparing everything in advance and checking in briefly for linkage purposes) because I’ve been on a road trip following ALA’s Annual Conference.  I’m sure it’s gone swimmingly (and maybe I even won something!).  Thanks to Devourer of Books for creating another terrific week of audiobook goodness.  No need to stop now – there are 51 other weeks that are good for listening too!

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Jen (Devourer of Books) said...

As I was reading GONE GIRL I was thinking what an amazing audiobook it would make, I hope you can get it sooner rather than later!