Monday, May 2, 2011

You may already be a winner

I won April's drawing for a free audio download given away by the Bewitched Bookworms as part of their Whisper Stories in My Ear challenge. Hooray for me! The odds were with me, I had six chances (out of 25) of winning.

I'm happy to keep participating in the challenge -- listening to at least 400 hours of audiobooks. With the two I finished this weekend, I'm more than halfway there.

I've been remiss lately in sending a shoutout to the women of Stacked and Abby the Librarian, who post links to my reviews (and others) each month in their AudioSynced feature. This month they offer a heads up that Devourer of Books will be hosting another Audiobook Week June 6-10. (I missed the festivities last year.)

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