Monday, November 8, 2010


This is not a newsy blog -- I can barely keep up with reviews -- but I had to share this interview between Scott Westerfeld and Alan Cumming about recording the audiobook of Behemoth. I loved Leviathan so much, I simply could not wait for my library to purchase the audio of Behemoth, and so I read it (and loved it!). I think I also wished to experience the book with its illustrations, since I had heard so much about them. Occasionally, I could hear Alan Cumming's voice in my head as I read, which is almost as good as listening. When part 3 comes out, though ... I think it'll be Cumming again (I'll wait for as long as it takes, Alan!).

I found this video at Fuse No. 8.

And while no one should have to follow Alan Cumming or Deryn and Alek, I am belatedly thanking the women who promote AudioSynced each month, who link to my reviews. This month's roundup also features a link to a current member of a committee near and dear to my heart, Amazing Audiobooks for Young Adults. Julia Riley talks about what makes an audiobook "amazing."

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Abby said...

Sorry this comment is so long in coming, but you're welcome! :) Thanks for reviewing audiobooks so we have something to put in our roundup... ;)