Thursday, October 7, 2010

More audiobooks than you can (probably) listen to in a lifetime

My listening has been a bit of a slog lately ... hopefully I will get to posting today or tomorrow. I broke my ankle last week while out of town and am at a bit of sixes and sevens.

But I wanted to point out the heroic efforts of Audiobook DJ and Beth Fish, who have created Audiobook Jukebox. A site for all of us who listen and are freaks for alphabetical order! At this site you can look up a favorite narrator and then link to the blog reviews of all their audiobooks. (You can also search by title and author ... so ho hum!) Yes! Dion Graham has his own entry! Slowly, I've been entering all 364 reviews that have appeared on this blog (even the ones from 2007 when I really didn't know what I was doing ... just warning you). Go check it out!

I found out about Audiobook Jukebox from the women who sponsor Audiosynced each month. They always kindly link to my stuff, as well as other audiobook blog reviews. Be sure to check out their September round up, hosted by Abby (the) Librarian.

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Heidi said...

awesome, thanks. I figured there were review sites out there but hadn't yet looked for them. now that people know I listen to books regularly, they ask me what I recommend, but I mostly listen to ya books, like you.

Oh, and thanks for your top 20. I am now a great big fan of the Bloody Jack series, and have enjoyed every one of those on that list that I've listened to so far. (except that one aspect of "Mimus" but you knew that about me)