Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Well, my only excuse is that I took another vacation! I wanted to put on next year's IPP (Individual Performance Plan -- that horror that one's human resources department insists one complete every year) that I planned to take all of my earned vacation days. I mean, I've taken over five weeks in 2010, and I still have 12 days left!

But I digress ... because I'm so ashamed that it's been almost four weeks since I've posted. I'm backed up five audiobooks! But before I start my penance -- in other words, posting -- here are two links of interest.

Abby the Librarian has posted AudioSynced for this month.

And School Library Journal has an article -- to which I contributed [cough, cough] -- featuring lists of great audiobooks for middle- and high-schoolers.

And now on to John Green.

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