Friday, April 2, 2010

Tapeworm bliss!

I will briefly get a bit crushy and fangirly here and tell you that my fave narrator Dion Graham called me last month to thank me (to thank me ... it's me who should be doing the thanking!) for all the nice things I've said about him here! Every word I said is true! (By posting his picture here, I'm flashing back to the days when I cut out pictures of Bobby Sherman from Tiger Beat [my goodness, it's still being published] -- can you date yourself a little more, Lee?)

Then he contacted the author of the book I had just listened to, David Fulmer, who called me as well! And David Fulmer provided me the correct name of the song that Jelly Roll Morton (as portrayed so memorably by Dion Graham) sings in Chasing the Devil's Tail. It's "Winin' Boy." And I think you can listen to Jelly Roll sing it here (scroll down to the end of "Solo Discography") or watch a record revolve on a turntable. And here are the lyrics (think raunchy!).

I've ILL'd another book read by Dion Graham, as he gave me some more titles from his bibliography/discography. Can't wait!

More tapeworm bliss: I've now met Jim Dale (about 18 months ago) and spoken with Dion Graham. For the trifecta: Katherine Kellgren, I think. Look! Both Graham and Kellgren are nominated for Audies in the Teen category (scroll all the way down to the end of this PDF).

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