Wednesday, January 27, 2010

By the numbers

An Odyssey Index:

  • Audiobooks submitted: 418
  • Hours of listening: 2,248 [93 days 16 hours]
  • Committee members: 9
  • Average assigned hours per committee member (not including suggested/nominated titles): 499
  • Books Lee listened to: 119
  • Hours Lee listened: 645 [almost 27 days]
  • And because I like to brag, my total listening hours for 2009: 694.5

I've had a week or so to reflect on the process of selecting "the best audiobook produced for children and/or young adults" and I have to say that I am very satisfied. I was skeptical about the supposed collegiality of the enterprise -- getting nine exhausted, very opinionated women to agree on something and for everyone to feel good about it. I think we all do feel good. We had some fantastic discussions about why Louise and her compatriots met (or rather exceeded) the award's criteria. Those discussions make me confident that we did, indeed, pick the best one. I hope you like it, too. (It goes without saying that the three honor books are well worth listening to as well.)

Here's a brief list of some other of my favorites that didn't make the Odyssey cut:

And so now I head bravely, but uncertainly, into the world of listening to whatever I damn well please. It's been four years of "directed" listening, but now the audio world is my oyster. Even though I can slow down, I think my head is so attuned to listening whenever my hands are busy that I'll probably keep up a pretty steady pace. I've always been a fast reader ... I think I can say that I'm a fast listener too. What goes next into my ears? What about books not published in the current year? Or those that I may have read awhile ago, but now want to listen to? Maybe I'll become a narrator groupie (Dion Graham). And what about ... gasp! adult books. Regardless, I intend to continue offering my opinions in this forum.

I might even download something ...

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