Friday, November 7, 2008

100 days!

Our most recent nomination list is posted here. We received our final submissions last week (although something trickled in today ... hah! the 2010 committee has to listen to 23.5 hours of The Host!), and my fabulous Excel spreadsheet tells me that we received 296 eligible audiobooks, totaling 2,412 hours and 23 minutes. That's 100 days of audio. Each of those 296 audiobooks was (or hopefully will be) listened to by at least one of the nine members of the Amazing Audiobooks for Young Adults committee before December 1. Whew!

Since this was the first year I kept track of this, I have no idea how this compares to previous years. All I know is that we didn't receive [again!] a copy of Skulduggery Pleasant, and I anticipate my disappointment that Book 2, Playing with Fire will end up with an Odyssey Award or Honor, and -- like last year -- we didn't have the chance to listen to it! (I will not be disappointed if Skulduggery ends up with another Odyssey, just that our committee didn't have a chance to listen to it.) Grrr ...

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