Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Nomination strategizing

Well, The Icebound Land finished up with a conflict in the lists between Halt and a nasty French knight who had been holding Halt and Horace captive. Will got himself addicted to something called wormweed (warmweed?), so Evanlyn (with the help of the Skandian Erak who you just know is going to turn out to be a good guy) had to help him escape. The book ends without the two parties meeting up, but I guess that'll happen early on in Book 4, which is called The Battle for Skandia. It looks like Will and Halt are going to spend some additional time outside of Araluen. So, if it didn't end in an entirely satisfactory way, it was still a pleasant way to spend eight hours: listening to John Keating tell this story.

I'm finagling the nomination of this title: Since I don't think it stands alone very well, I'm going to wait and nominate it next year (when we'll be able to consider Book 4 as well) to see if they'll fare better as a duo. I went back to check on some other series books to see if whole groups of them end up on Selected lists over the course of a few years, and -- to my surprise -- they don't! Lirael isn't on any list, although Sabriel and Abhorsen are. Only the fourth Artemis Fowl title made it, and just the first two of The Keys to the Kingdom. While we all enjoyed the sequel to Dairy Queen (The Off Season), those who read the subsequent Stephenie Meyers' novels didn't nominate them (we do have Twilight on the 2007 list). So, there's no rhyme or reason to the series books, but I felt pretty confident that this episode of The Ranger's Apprentice wasn't going to pass muster with my colleagues.

The most shocking news of all: I'm going to be on the committee for a third year ... chairing it even! I'm not sure I'm ready for management. Since I started blogging for YALSA, I've managed to incur the ... let's not say wrath, rather, disappointment of the powers that be over my entries, twice!

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