Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Weekend listener

I always feel so good when I wrap up two titles over the weekend -- that way, when I get to work on Tuesday I can quickly post two sets of comments to our listserv. Makes me feel like I'm really accomplishing something! So on Sunday, I finished both Alex and the Ironic Gentlemen and Homeboyz ... and am now listening to two much more interesting titles ... but that's the next post.

And, no surprises at the ends of either ... each actually just got more so! More childish and twee for Alex, and more lectures and gang violence in Homeboyz. I was delighted to relegate both of them to the listened pile. Last night, Laurie Halse Anderson said that she gives every book she opens three chapters and then sticks with it or not. You'll never get those hours back, she said. Well, sometimes you have to finish up -- that's what librarian/committee member responsibility is all about! (See my halo?) And how would she feel if the Printz and BBYA committees didn't finish her books, hmmm?

All this is in aid of the fact that I have nothing more to say about either of these books.

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