Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Slightly imperfect

I did some power listening over the weekend and finished two titles (that must be because my car's alternator died ... and so did my car, briefly). One was too young for us -- and I knew it -- but my bookgroup is discussing it and it was only a little over three hours, so I slipped it in. It is A Crooked Kind of Perfect, which I think of as one of those slice of (slightly exotic) life "realistic" novel where a young person copes with some small thing in her life and comes out a better person because of it. In this book, Zoe Elias has dreams of being a concert pianist, a la Vladimir Horowitz. Instead, her agoraphobic father and workaholic mother purchase the Perfectone D-60 electronic organ and she begins reproducing TV theme songs and hits from the 60s, 70s and 80s under the tutelage of Maybelline Person (pronounced Per-Sohn). Her best friend isn't any longer, and the weird boy at school has started following her home. But then, Maybelline decides that maybe Zoe should compete at the annual Perfectone Perform-O-Rama ... you can finish up the plot. I kept thinking that the 4th graders in my book discussion group would lap this one up.

The audiobook is alright. Nothing spectacular, just like the book. The reader has a nice husky voice that seemed perfectly alright for young Zoe, since it afforded a slight sense of jadedness in her character.

Just too young for our teen listeners.

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