Thursday, October 25, 2007

Alas, no treasure on this island

I decided not to nominate Treasure Island for those reasons I said in my earlier post. While I enjoyed listening, I disagreed with Molina's interpretation: He seemed to see Jim Hawkins as a quiet observer of events, when I think the story is Jim's for the taking. Show some excitement, please!

This audiobook concluded with an essay by David Cordingly, who, according to Wikipedia, is considered the "leading authority" on pirates! (At least, I think this is the same David Cordingly.) Could I just say that he's not the greatest essay writer, because the one included with Treasure Island was pretty much a dull, blow-by-blow telling of Stevenson's writings.

Now, I like it when audiobook publishers add some extras to augment the literary experience, but this was not the best choice. It kind of ended the whole book with a whimper.

On the other hand, there was delightful "pirate" music throughout the audiobook. Can't beat that! It was not this pirate music, but these guys are very big here in Portland, Oregon. Early next year, a stage version of Treasure Island by a local children's theatre group will feature their original music. Wild and wacky?

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