Friday, August 24, 2007

Undue influence

So, there I am, straddling the fence about The Traitors' Gate, posting my thoughts to our listserv that I enjoyed the melodramatic approach of the narrator and the Dickensian feel of the story, but that I would wait to hear from someone else before I nominated it. In other words; I enjoyed it, appreciated the narrator's skills, thought it would make a good addition to the list ... but can't say I was bowled over, insisting that everyone listen to it. But if another listener said WOW! I'd be happy to concur.

So, the second listener chimed in right after I posted that, and pretty much said that she didn't find it stellar in any way. Like me, she thought it was a good story, well narrated, but that wasn't enough. There we both were, damning it with our faint praise.

We had been having an earlier discussion on our listserv about reading others' (not just the committee's) thoughts about audiobooks -- including reviews -- and whether that activity would influence us as we gather for discussion in January. I guess I think that influences come from many sources, and that nobody is influencing me inappropriately. I like to hear what other people think, perhaps knowing that I have strong opinions, and I'm not afraid to share them. And, of course, in a committee setting, you must have another perspective -- otherwise, it would be Lee the Listening Librarian's list of select audiobooks, and not YALSA's. Perhaps, when this is all over next January, I shall post my own list! (I must come up with a better name, though!)

Don't despair Avi fans, Traitors' Gate is not truly out of consideration. I may come back to it as the nomination deadline nears.

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