Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Waves over Japan

So, I've just spent 14 hours in flight from JFK to Tokyo -- where we are laying over for a few hours before leaving for Shanghai. I wanted to get a few words down about Waves before my tired brain forgets them. (On the other hand, my thoughts may not be entirely coherent.)

I liked this book, I loved this narrator ... but I'm not sure that it made for the greatest audiobook. It took a very leisurely path to its conclusion, so that the episodes where Charley was talking in Hal's head seemed to run together. Was this the one where Jack and Hal were running on the beach and kissing for the first time, or was this the time where Charley and Pete were doing that? (I understand that they took place one right after the other, of course, but it still seemed like there were an awful lot of them.)

I also admit that I occasionally got this book mixed up with a book I was reading at the time -- Martin Brooks' Lucas, which also took place in a small beach community, but was otherwise pretty much a different book.

Anyway, I also got a little confused by the end (which granted came at the end of my 14-hour flight): Charley was occupying Hal's body in order to close the episode in the house that led to her death on the beach (perpetrator, the odd girl Am [was that her name?]), and then left his body in order to finally die in her own body? And was Charley's accident really an accident? It certainly sounded like me to be an attack? When I get back to Portland, I'll read the string of discussions on this title to catch up a little bit more.

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