Saturday, June 2, 2007

Who's who

A short way into Keturah and Lord Death (what a colossally clunky title), and it's got promise. There's good synergy when a story about a storyteller is told aloud, and the narrator -- Alyssa Bresnahan (an experienced reader who sounds to me like she's got a chest cold) -- seems to have taken that storyteller approach. Yeah, yeah ... enough Melanie Martinez (Voices) bashing [but it was such incredibly poor narrating], but Bresnahan is investing the preliminaries of the story (who's who, where are we, how did we get here) with passionate voicings and varied pacing.

This is particularly important, I think, in this story: Keturah has a day to find her one true love or Lord Death is going to come and make her his. So, you know that her true love is going to be one of the characters that you hear about pretty early in this story (most likely, of course, to be the boy next door ... currently, my favorite is the lord's son). And you need to be able to remember the characters as they are introduced, so you don't end up saying -- wait ... who was that? It's so hard to go back and "reread" something in an audiobook (a task that's pretty easy while holding a print copy), that you want to make sure you've got everyone straight in your head when you are first introduced to them. Bresnahan -- and author Martine Leavitt -- are doing a great job so far. They aren't caricatures, but I'm pretty clear on the best friends, the tailor, the baker, the choir master ... and the handsome son (whose name -- now remembering that is a whole 'nother skill -- is eluding me [I'm going to go get a copy to look at right now!]).

John ... his name is John ... no wonder I forgot! So, if his name is John, why does hers have to be such a clunker like Keturah?

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