Saturday, June 9, 2007

I am a VIM ...

...according to Listening Library. A VIM is a Very Important Muggle. And it means that a copy of HPVII will be mailed to me for delivery on July 21. How great is that? (This actually means that it will get delivered to the library's Administration Building on July 21 [will there be anyone there to sign for it?] and it will eventually make its way to me at the Central Library. Ah, bureaucracy.

Just so long as it arrives in my hot little hands by July 25 so I can take it with me when I travel back East (east coast, not far east) for the second time in a week to go to a wedding.

Here's my itinerary (it's the prospect of a free trip that will keep me going ...)

June 21. Portland to Washington, DC
June 28. Baltimore to Hartford, CT
July 2. JFK to Shanghai (via Tokyo)
July 8. Hangzhou to Xi'an
July 10. Xi'an to Beijing
July 13. Beijing to Yuching (headed up the Yangtze)
July 17. Chongqing to Beijing
July 18. Beijing to JFK (via Tokyo)
July 19. Newark to Portland
July 26. Portland to Boston
July 30. Boston to Portland

If it's Tuesday ... I must be crazy! I'm taking a lot of audiobooks.

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