Saturday, June 9, 2007

Good literature ... not so good listening

So, Keturah does not find her true love in the form of the handsome John Tensland (sp?), but I won't spoil it by telling you who that true love is. It didn't take me too long to figure out who was her true love ... truly I just didn't believe that the author would actually make that choice for her. It's kind of kinky and got me riffing on vampires for a little while.

I guess you'll have to read it for yourself ...

This book -- while interesting -- just never took off in audio format. I never leapt to the tape player to switch the cassette so I could keep listening ... I never took an extra hour to sit down for some more of Keturah's story. The book is very descriptive and the action moves quite slowly. It should have more of a narrative push (since Keturah has been given a limited amount of time to find her true love), but the author -- and, subsequently, the narrator -- chose to make their way in a leisurely fashion through the three days of searching. And, since you are forced to go at their pace (and not the pace you might be going were you reading to yourself), it was just kind of draggy.

Once finished, you understand perhaps why the author chose that pace. Without spoiling it too much (I hope) I'll say that Keturah spends her days in her village in an extremely reflective mode. So, I put this book in a category of good books (although it won't ever rank as a favorite of mine) that don't translate well to audio. (Another example of this: The Book Thief ... but that's another story.)

Am I done with girls for the moment? I want to get through Princess on the Brink before leaving, which is so girly. My committee colleagues have all ranted about the "precious gift" that features prominently in that story. I just started The Mailbox, so that will give me some male relief. Then, I'm tossing as many nominated titles as possible into a CD holder for the great trip to the East (first the east coast of America ... and then the mysterious far east ...)

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