Friday, June 29, 2007


I was walking around my old college campus listening to disk 4 (of six ... I'd like to get this one done before getting on that plane to China) of Waves. Can we say yummy British accent? [Yes!] This reader, James Clamp, has a delightful huskiness and a little bit of a bad boy accent that perfectly bring Hal to life. Hal's older sister, Charley, is lying in a coma -- the result of a surfing accident on the beach near their family's holiday cottage the previous summer. The family has left her for the first time since the accident, and the parents are discussing pulling the plug on their daughter. But Hal has started hearing voices, could Charley not be brain dead?

As I said before, listening to this is pure pleasure, the voice is so good. Hal is a first-person narrator, but the story intersperses episodes from Charley's point of view. Clamp is doing a commendable job as a girl, and he's pretty good at adults and young children (Hal's baby sister, Sarah ... called Sars [which I keep hearing as SARS, the disease]) as well. He reads with a great deal of varied pacing -- he can be slow on the descriptive passages of sea, surf and sand; and speedy and impulsive when Hal is speaking with emotion.

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