Sunday, May 27, 2007

Pre-Senior moment

Voices is not going well. The narrator is reading at a positively glacial pace, making it so difficult to maintain focus and keep track of what's happening. Middle age chose to strike here: I put the cassette that I had just finished listening to back in the case ... and a few minutes later when I went to get the next cassette -- I couldn't remember what number I was up to (argh!)!! So, I put in what I thought was the next cassette (Tape 7), and started listening and had no idea what was going on. Suddenly, the society was in revolt. When the hell did that happen? Evidently, someplace on Tape 6.

So, I went back to Tape 6 and instantly knew I had listened to the whole thing -- but clearly whole plot points had slipped by me. I'm slogging through 6 again, but I had to stop today because I was swapping out my old broken printer with a long-term loaner (what you would think was the perfect listening opportunity -- busy hands, no brain power required), and I couldn't get the loaner to print (well, it prints -- the thing-y moves back and forth -- but nothing appears on the page ... wait, I've got it, it's virtually printing!), and so I got frustrated and in the meantime, lost entirely what was up with Orrec, Gry and young Memer.

Some books just don't translate to audio well ... I don't think. Successful audios have a steady, even fast-paced, forward motion; they don't work so well with a lot of interior character development, plot backstory, and many pauses to contemplate the state of society, etc. None of which are flaws in this novel, it's just not the best choice for recording. This, coupled with the v-e-r-y slow, deliberate reading that Melanie Martinez is giving is -- unfortunately -- just the kiss of death. I shall muddle through, of course, it's a long weekend!

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