Saturday, May 5, 2007


As a long-time Jane (Austen) fan, I have been wanting to listen to Enthusiasm, but I have been nursing my dislike of the narrator Jennifer Ikeda. Having recently survived Defining Dulcie, I am willing to pop this in the cassette player and give it a go.

Enthusiasm is about two close friends -- Ashleigh, the enthusiast, and Julie, her less ebullient foil and narrator. Ashleigh's latest enthusiasm is Pride and Prejudice and she has talked Julie into crashing the dance at the local boys prep school in search of Mr. Darcy. Julie, who so far has demonstrated some backbone, does seem to cave into Ashleigh's plans without much objection, which makes the plot a little creaky.

I'm keeping an open mind -- maybe it involves listening in shorter bursts and not steadily -- but as long as the plot is humming along and there's not much opportunity for Ikeda to employ her this-is-serious demeanor I think I'll make it through this.

Sarah, our chair, has this in her maybe column (maybe it's nominatible [sp?]), but right now it's nothing particularly special ... to me.

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