Friday, May 11, 2007


Yes, I can give Enthusiasm a qualified thumbs-up (too qualified to nominate, but it's a good story). I certainly enjoyed it's Austen feel -- the internal conversations about boys, families, schoolwork all had an introspection and sweetness that made it a very charming listen. It's the kind of teen romance I would have lapped up as a young reader -- since it's all about a very handsome boy who has the smarts to see a person's internal goodness. And still today, who doesn't want to read this kind of story? Despite a (very, very tame) scene where our hero and heroine share a bed, I think this book would work even for precocious 5th or 6th graders.

I'm not going to say that Jennifer Ikeda redeems herself in my eyes -- I doubt that I'll seek out her titles after my YALSA obligations cease -- she was completely tolerable here. She can definitely read with humor and the sing-songy sincere quality was kept to a minimum. She even chose not to voice her boys as low-voiced idiots with stuffed noses (a trait that she's tried -- unsuccessfully in my eyes -- in earlier books).

I did like the fact that Recorded Books (which always recommends another book at the end of its recordings) suggested Pride and Prejudice (which I see was originally published in 1980 when they were about the only game in town), but then they went and spoiled it by mentioning Vegan, Virgin, Valentine! Jane is spinning ...

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