Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Authors! Think about the audio version ...

So, I'm really enjoying The Wednesday Wars, but am really hating Holling Hoodhood as it rolls off the tongue of the narrator. It sounds ridiculous. How does it read? Is it supposed to be an impossibly unsuitable name, or does it just sound that way? It almost interferes with the story as you listen to it.

Another character in this story is unfortunately named Chit (sp?), which the narrator is carefully tiptoeing around each time he says it. It is a good thing that Chit is a minor character.

Not so careful were the readers of Street Magic, several of whom had to use the term "Thukgak" (again sp?) which is a derogatory term for uncivilized street people. Yes, the first time I heard it, I certainly thought the F-word had been spoken. I went back and listened several times, because -- of course -- it couldn't have been the F-word. It showed up several times in the novel, but only Bruce Coville seemed to be concentrating really hard on that th sound!

Authors, say those names out loud! Audiobooks are getting more and more popular!

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