Friday, April 6, 2007

When does one crave a 14-hour fantasy?

When one has spent too much time with teens in high school! From prestigious Midvale Academy (Gideon Rayburn), I have moved on to the O.C. -- the fictional public high school: Aliso Niguel, the setting of Haters, by Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez. I'm not familiar with her other fiction (it's all catalogued adult in my library), but so far, this title is so very predictable.

Smart, confident, self-deprecating girl (I'm not the pretty one, etc.) has been uprooted by her wacky single father and forced to move from Taos, New Mexico to the aforementioned O.C. Here she will get on the wrong side of the mean girls (delightfully called Haters by those who are their victims), specifically by attracting the attention of the head mean girl's boyfriend -- who's attracted by our heroine because she looks pretty darn hot in her mountain biking gear. Tomorrow is the first day of school (that's where I've stopped). Think you can predict what will happen over the course of the next seven hours?

There are way too many pop culture references that will make this book so five minutes ago in a year or two. But, so far, it's not making me feel unclean, the way Gideon Rayburn did. Could that be because it's the girl's point of view?

The narrator is reading well ... getting in all the "like"s along with the hip, deadpan delivery of a girl whose smarter than everyone else. Let's wait and see how she creates the other characters.

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