Saturday, April 28, 2007

Very omniscient narrator

I finished Cupid early this week, and have now remembered that I said no more about it here. I'm feeling a little schizophrenic about this book -- I thought the reader did a great job with extremely average material. Yet, the conceit of the narrator telling us he was telling the story (which made it such a good candidate for audio interpretation) was primarily what I didn't care for in the novel. It was just too, too clever ... and it knew it. The joke became stale after the first few chapters.

Still you can't fault the narrator -- Stephen McKinley Henderson. He took just the right tone with all that cleverness, and was suitably bawdy, serious, egotistic and compassionate. I look forward to hearing him again. (imdb says that he's been a judge on the various Law and Orders.)

It's good to see those Greek myths used as source material. Like the Percy Jackson series, maybe this will encourage teens to try a little Edith Hamilton. Hmmm ... I wonder if those are available to listen to.

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