Friday, April 6, 2007

I am an old fart ... and on top of that, stupid

I finally got to the end of Gideon Rayburn, and it continued distasteful until the end. Although the girl inside his head turned out to be no surprise at all.

(Spoiler: It's Molly McGarry -- the girl the mean boys insisted that Gideon have sex with ... the girl Gideon ends up falling in love with, just because she's so beautiful on the inside -- yeah, right.)

Even though I didn't like the book, though, I can judge it on its audiobook merits alone, and I didn't find this to be a superlative audiobook. The trick of the book -- that Molly is inside Gideon's head, commenting to us all that he is thinking -- could have come alive in audio. Perhaps with two narrators, perhaps with some vocal effect ... something to let you know who was thinking aloud. Instead it was voiced with very little characterization (a Spanish accent for Pilar, heartiness to depict Gideon's dad, etc.) that all seemed to blend together.

Then, there's the stupid part: There were whole plot points in this book that I didn't get:
  • the bet between the mean boys got so convoluted with meaning that ultimately I didn't know what it meant. Whatever did Gideon have invested in this bet to go along with it? Popularity? Losing his virginity? Nicholas engaged in this unpleasant behavior because he couldn't get mad at his mother? Huh?
  • we find out that Pilar and Madison also had a bet about sleeping with Gideon? Was that supposed to be ironic? Grrrlll power? Just more ick for me.
  • who put the yellow thong on Molly's doorknob? Molly ... when she got up to light the candle? How did she get the thong?

Does this title have teen appeal? I guess so ... for five minutes. I'm way beyond teen age, and I certainly enjoy reading about boys who want to have sex with you because you're a beautiful person, not have sex with the bombshell in the white jumpsuit, so I guess the ending is satisfctory. But the getting there was so dull, and I'm not sure it was even very enlightening in the male department, since Gideon turned out to be such a sensitive guy.

Fortunately, this author has only written this book, so there's no need to even spend time trying to avoid her other fiction.

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