Friday, April 20, 2007

Girls and motorcyles

Why has it been my fate to listen to not one but two novels this year where our girl heroine sublimates her sexual feelings by riding a motorcycle?

So, Haters had two redeeming features -- a physically powerful heroine (who starts out on mountain bikes, but in the course of the story becomes a motocross champion -- after one easy lesson), and a nicely casual approach to diversity. Students from Aliso Niguel High School are all races ... and all beautiful, of course, and it's no big deal (the race, not the beauty, which is an incredibly big deal).

But the rest of this novel was just stupid. Paski was either whining about not being in Taos, whining about her lack of cool clothes and then whining about how superficial everyone is, whining about her utterly clueless father, whining, whining, whining. She also dropped many brand names while shopping (I hate that!). Evil girl Jessica Nguyen was ridiculously bad -- at one point in the novel, she orders a hit. Heartthrob Chris Cabrera is too good to be true -- he wouldn't even break up with the evil Jessica because she cried. Of course, he says he'll wait to have sex with Paski until she's ready, but before then, gives a great hand job.

I could go on ... but it would be cruel. And force me to relive this awful story again.

And, third time's the charm for Recorded Books: Another publication error in this audiobook -- a repeated phrase toward the end of the novel.

Who's the other motorcycle-riding heroine? The equally whiny (it must be because they aren't getting any sex) Bella Swan (vampire lover).

OK ... this was a nasty post (must be Jessica influencing me).

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