Tuesday, March 27, 2007

There's no bad accent quite like a bad French accent

Also finished Marie, Dancing this weekend. Not much else to say about this except that the contrast between Montbertrand's 21st century teenaged girls with the interspersed French names and phrases just got clunkier and clunkier ... and more and more affected. Do the French really pronounce franc so that it sounds like pont? How can someone whose last name is pronounced in a French way -- Mon - bear - trahnd -- have such a poor accent?

Also Recorded Books made a big booboo on this recording. An author's note read by the narrator followed the last words of the novel. Then the book's official "announcer" comes on to say: "The End. An author's note concludes this novel. [pause pause] That was the author's note." Hmm...

That puts it right out of the running for our committee.

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