Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Question time: Am I an old fart?

Gideon Rayburn is making me feel surely old and out of it. Are teenagers really truly obsessed only with massive self-medication and getting laid? How do they function on no sleep and hours of pot and alcohol? Are girls really this slutty? (Is there a less disapproving word for this?) I like teenagers, and need faith that there is more to them than this trashy little book would like me to believe. This is published as an adult title. I'm thinking about other books I've read where teens are behaving this way (King Dork and Looking for Alaska come to mind), but this take on it seems unrelievedly nasty (part way into Disk 3 of 9).

I'm having trouble keeping an open mind about this audio because I am disliking the story so much. I really want a shower after listening! My committee colleague who nominated this was intrigued (I think ) by the girl in the boy's head premise, but I'm just feeling icky.

Also feeling panicky ... we've had a slew of nominations and now I'm behind by about four books! Not to mention all the new ones coming in! Aaaahhhh...

On the bright side, I did a little figuring for the YALSA blog (did I mention that I'm blogging there on behalf of the committee) and between us, we've listened to 123 of the 167 titles currently on the list (http://blogs.ala.org/yalsa.php). Huzzah! as Art Mumby would say.

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