Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Meanwhile, back in Hell ...

So, remember I said that The Black Tattoo was eschewing written violence? Spoke too soon. As Jack, Charlie and Esme end up in Hell, we are treated to many scenes of choreographed violence -- in the form of the gladiatorial games that keep everyone in Hell happy and entertained. Of course, the creatures that the three of them fight are outlandish monsters of any description ... but they all end up dying horribly in one way or another, while our hero, heroine and anti-hero suffer extreme hurts as well.

It's all very inventive actually (some of the creatures are interestingly bizarre), and I can see it would entertain readers of horror, martial arts, war, and fantasy fiction, but I do get tired of it. Still, I'm following the story (one of my colleagues confesses to being a bit at sea), and -- while I'm pretty sure of how it will eventually turn out, I'm along for the ride to see where it goes.

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