Thursday, February 8, 2007

Oops ... this writing every day thing is eluding me ...

OK, so it really hasn't been two weeks since I last got on a computer, but I need some way of reminding myself to keep posting to this blog ... which I don't really care if anyone else reads (really!) -- it's just a good way of tracking my listening.

So let's backtrack a sec ... I'm now in my second year of power audiobook listening as I'm on the YALSA Selected Audiobooks committee ( and must race through as many 15-hour teen fantasies as I possibly can, while listening to all the shorter stuff as well.

When my committee met at ALA Midwinter I had no problem contributing to the discussion ... well, that's never a problem for me ... but what I wished I'd been able to do was more clearly recollect details about what I'd listened to, particularly those that were but a distant memory -- a nice memory, but a distant one.

And while I think it's OK for me to blog as a member of the committee -- since we have open discussions -- I certainly will double check this and pull it all down if it's not suitable.

Hence this blog ... so let's get started so I don't forget about what I've finished so far this year.

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