Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A not very cunning story

So I drank too much at an Oscar party (it was at my house so no driving was involved), and I just could not get out of bed to go for my Monday morning constitutional in order to finish The Cunning Man ... so I did what I never, ever do and laid in bed slothfully listening to the last disk of this novel. Perhaps I fell asleep [!] because when this book wound up it made no more sense than it did at the beginning. It was all build-up and no resolution.

I mean, yeah, the character that you assume is the Cunning Man (and what is a Cunning Man anyway?) is tossed ceremoniously into the sea, and the cute boy and our girl heroine end up an item ... but the big questions: why did Finn dream of drowning, was Griffiths (Cunning Man) a worker of magic, how was he, why was he so evil, did Finn control magic (and thus defeat Griffiths), did Mike's (cute boy) uncle drown and if so why was he trying to drag Finn down with him? And on and on. Most unsatisfying on all levels.

I believe I nattered on about the narrator in an earlier post ... so just need to send in my NO vote and cross this one off the list.

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