Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I am a sucker for a British accent ...

I've just started The Black Tattoo, narrated by John Lee. Lee has a yummy, slightly gravelly speaking voice, tinged with a hint of the Highlands, which makes for good listening. One of my committee colleagues said she listened to this 14-hour book in two days! Whew ... I know I won't go that fast, but there is incentive to keep listening.

So far, the story is pretty compelling as well. Charlie and Jack meet a guy on the London street who asks them to take a small test to see if they have the capability of defeating Satan, or the Scourge, who is on the loose. There's just a small band of heroes capable of restraining this evil. But something happened to Charlie while he was undergoing the test -- whatever it was killed the guy who invited him and now Charlie's got a mysterious black tattoo on his back.

Have we heard of this author before: Sam Enthoven?

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