Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Find out all you can about a book ... or don't?

So, I am a reader of reviews (of books, plays, movies, etc.) and so rarely read or go see something without all the information that one can glean from reviews. It's not that I don't like surprises, but I guess I like preparation.

So, the next book in my CD player is from Australia's Bolinda Audio (which all the narrators pronounce Bolinder) and the book is not available at my library (which buys almost everything) and -- according to Amazon -- ships in four to six weeks (guess they're getting it from overseas). There are no reviews at Amazon and none through Ebsco.

omg ... I'm just going to have to read it cold!

It's The Cunning Man by Celia Rees.

The blurb isn't that helpful either: Finn hates water. She's haunted by terrifying nightmares in which she is running before a huge wave that threatens to engulf her in watery darkness for ever. And the dreams have been worse since she, her mum and her two younger brothers arrived in Cornwall. Then she discovers the strange curse that was laid upon the cottage years ago, and she's sure vengeful Griffiths has something to do with it. She's seen him, endlessly tying and retying a length of rope, creating the knots that - superstition has it - can conjure storms. Finn knows that she's in mortal danger if she can't find a way to break the curse...

I've been "assigned" to listen to this book. Our estimable chair will now be doling out listening assignments to make sure that everyone is listening to approximately the same number of minutes throughout the course of the year. This should mean that most of the titles that reach us by our October 31 deadline will have at least one person listening to them.

I'm sincerely hoping that this doesn't mean I have to keep up with her, however: She is a total power listener and probably got through half again as many books as I did in 2006 if not more.

Finally, I've been a lot more discriminating in my listening this year -- to date, I've nominated nothing. And, as a group, we've only got one nomination so far: The Black Tattoo.

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