Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Dragons and Elfs, Lost Boys and one Jas. Hook

The two novels I've got going now are The Last Dragon (a Batchelder Honor Book) and Peter Pan in Scarlet. It's a good thing that I've got the Pan cast of characters pretty straight in my head, because it's in these fantasy worlds that I can get my books mixed up.

The Last Dragon is narrated by Patricia Conolly, who -- up to this point -- is using a very high baby voice to depict the main character, the "last elf" named Yorsh (and many syllables after that, but since I don't have the print version I can't tell you what it is), which is extremely annoying. I hope now that Yorsh is 13 years older that we can dispense with the babytalk.

Peter Pan in Scarlet is treading dangerous water for me: I loved, loved, loved the original as a young reader and so far what I mostly am is confused. Tim Curry -- another great audiobook narrator -- has chosen a kind of know-it-all snarky meanness to personify Peter, and -- while I intellectually understand that choice [Peter can be a mean know-it-all], right now I'm not liking it!

But, I'm barely two hours into Peter and about four into the Dragon, so things may change.

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