Thursday, February 8, 2007

Bella, Edward and Jake

OK, so this weekend I was able to wind up the almost-tragic love story of Bella Swan, obsessed, self-involved and klutzy "average" teen and Edward Cullen, the magnetic, stone-chested, hypersensitive vampire. Yes, after 15 hours (haha, it's not just fantasies that go on forever) I finally made it to the somewhat happy ending of New Moon, the second in Stephenie Meyer's projected trilogy.

God, I hope it doesn't go on any longer than three books. (Actually, we've already had a patron request for the third book -- Eclipse -- and it's not even published yet! Late August, according to Meyer's website: Yikes, that probably means the audio will be out in time for our committee to review it!)

Hey, this whole blogger thing means that you can publish every stupid sentence that flits into your brain ...

After Edward leaves (because he must protect Bella from the more predatory members of his vampire family), Bella just wallows, and wallows, and wallows in his absence. It's deadly ... until things pick up with the appearance of her old friend, Jake the Quili - something Native American (among the hazards of listening is that you have no idea how some things are spelled). Jake and his problems -- spoilers here for the three teen girls who haven't read this book! -- namely that he and his friends have become werewolves in order to protect their lands from the vampires -- breath some life into this story. But then it's back to Bella and Edward, and you know, I just can't stand them! And I don't want to know any more about them!

But wait, Selected Audiobooks isn't about the book, it's about the performance. And, while I like Ilyana Kadushin's flat, almost affectless interpretation of obsessive Bella; in this vast, relatively unedited story she just needs to make some changes -- in pacing, in inflection, in character -- to keep any but the most dedicated Edward Cullen fan interested.

No nomination from me on this one.

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