Saturday, February 24, 2007

Are we in Wales or Cornwall?

The Amazon blurb on The Cunning Man says that Finn's family is vacationing in Cornwall. I think not, although finally -- at the tale end of disk one -- the story mentions Wales. The narrator is going out of her way to give the locals in this story distinctive Welsh accents -- a lovely lilting brogue that sounds authentic to me (for a great Welsh accent, listen to Susan Cooper's The Grey King).

I'm onto disk two (a quarter of the way through the book) and there's been a whole lot of backstory so far, so I'm waiting for the story to actually begin. Finn is on holiday (I love it when I can do those Briticisms) with her divorced mother and two younger brothers. She does indeed have bad dreams about drowning, and now it appears that someone is leaving mementos from the sea (seaweed and sand) -- mementos that have meaning to the superstitious seafaring Welsh of the village -- around the family's cottage during the night. There is a cute boy, Mike, who does speak with that dishy Welsh accent giving us all the background details we need for the story to make sense.

I'm not liking the narrator (see how personal this gets): She's got a strong, whistling esss that's painful to listen to if the volume isn't super low. She also occasionally screeches/screams in a most disconcerting way.

I'm leaning no ... gosh I hope something pops out at me soon!

P.S. In the spirit of librarian/knitters everywhere, I'd like to report the finishing of a sweater last night while listening to this novel. It's a vest that's been in pieces for about two months ... but now, it's done ... and actually on my body at this very moment. (It's a little toasty, but that's another story!)

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